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Enevold, Jill; Instructor

Enevold, Jill; Instructor Office: 018-0112E

Phone: (509) 533-4169

Email: Jill.Enevold@sfcc.spokane.edu

Jill has been instructing students at the secondary and post-secondary level throughout Washington and Idaho since 1974. She graduated from the University of Idaho with a BS and a MEd in Business Education. She has been instructing in the Business Technology Department at SFCC since 2008. Jill Enevold is the lead instructor for Business Communications and I-BEST. Jill also serves as a student faculty advisor.

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Evenson, Donna; Instructor

Evenson, Donna; Instructor Office: 018-0219E

Phone: (509) 533-3736

Email: Donna.Evenson@sfcc.spokane.edu

CAPPS (Computer Applications) Classes Keyboarding 101
Donna earned her MEd (emphasis in business education) from Eastern Washington University and her bachelor degree in Business Education from Washington State University. She taught high school for three years before beginning at the Community Colleges of Spokane in 1986. She has been instructing in the Business Technology Department at SFCC since 1989. Donna keeps current with technology by attending workshops, webinars, and conferences. Donna Evenson is the BT Center Coordinator and is the lead instructor for Desktop Publishing, Office Practicum, and CAPPS courses. Donna also serves as a student faculty advisor.

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Freeman, Stephanie; Instructor

Freeman, Stephanie; Instructor Office: 018-0112E

Phone: (509) 533-4144

Email: Stephanie.Freeman@sfcc.spokane.edu

Stephanie completed her bachelor's and master's degrees in Business Administration from Gonzaga University. She also earned her Master's in Teaching from Whitworth University. Stephanie has corporate and small business work experience. She has taught for the School of Business at Gonzaga University and has been a faculty member of the BT Department since 2010. Stephanie is a lead instructor for Computer Applications, FlexTech (Competency Based Education), I-BEST, and BT online courses. Stephanie also serves as a student faculty advisor.

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Hubbard, Jenny; Instructional Technician

Hubbard, Jenny; Instructional Technician Office: 018-0219D

Phone: (509) 533-3251

Email: Jenny.Hubbard@sfcc.spokane.edu

Jenny graduated from SFCC with an AAS degree in Administrative Assistant and an Office Assistant Certificate. She is a graduate of the CCS Intercultural Leadership Development Program. She has been the Business Technology's Instructional Technician since 2003.

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Peasley, Lorri; Instructor

Peasley, Lorri; Instructor Office: 018-0112E

Phone: (509) 533-3264

Email: Lorri.Peasley@sfcc.spokane.edu

Lorri completed her BA in Business Administration at the University of Washington. Lorri has business and marketing experience in the financial industry. Her teaching experience includes business education courses at Centralia High School, North Bend High School (Oregon), and Southwest Oregon Community College. Lorri was also the yearbook instructor/advisor for Valley Christian School. Lorri Peasley teaches Business Communications and a variety of courses in the BT Center.

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Roth, Linda; Instructor (Department Chair)

Roth, Linda; Instructor (Department Chair) Office: 018-0112F

Phone: (509) 533-3693

Email: Linda.Roth@sfcc.spokane.edu

Linda earned her bachelor's and master's degrees from EWU in Business Education and her PhD from Utah State University in Business Information Systems and Education. She has previous teaching experience at EWU and Big Bend Community College. Linda has been a faculty member at SFCC since 1993. Linda is the lead Administrative Office Management, Office Procedures, Job Prep, and Internship instructor. She also serves as a student faculty advisor.

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Weiland, Shelly; Instructor

Weiland, Shelly; Instructor Office: 018-0219

Phone: (509) 533-3251

Email: Shelly.Weiland@sfcc.spokane.edu

Shelly earned her BA in Business Administration and Business Education from EWU and her master's degree in Technology in Education from Walden University. She has completed additional research and training in online education and is Microsoft Certified. Shelly is the co-founder of Delivering Hope International and has volunteered at Bingham Academy International in Ethiopia. She has over 12 years of experience teaching Microsoft Applications. She joined the BT Department in 2014. Shelly is a lead online instructor for Job Prep, Office Procedures, and BT courses.

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