Registration Information

How to Build Your Class Schedule

  • The next step is class registration, where you will actually add the classes to your schedule. Once you have your 4-digit Item Numbers, follow these easy steps to add those classes.
  • To view an illustration of the instructions, click on the Bolded Links.
  • To close the illustration, click the X button in the right hand corner.
  1. Go to www.spokanefalls.edu
  2. Click on Class Schedule located on the right of the page
  3. Click on the link for Class Schedule - Credit Classes. Welcome to our Searchable Online! page
  4. If you want to see all the classes we are offering, simply click on Search Schedule .
    • If you want to narrow your search, click on Department, and select the appropriate department to bring up those classes.
  5. To view information and class availability, click on the 4-digit Item Number on the schedule
  6. Write down the 4-digit Item Number for your classes, you'll need these for registration.

Hints and Tips!

Want to look for only ONLINE classes? Check the "Online" option in the Delivery section, and click Search Schedule. You can optionally include Hybrid, ITV and Web-enhanced classes (which have an online component) by checking the appropriate boxes.